• January - 19

Apartment Decor in Pastel Color Palette by Interno

Warm pastel colors, organic finishes, intriguing wall decorations characterize this small new apartment located in Bydgoszcz, Poland. This example of modern Polish design has charming with mild features and welcoming emanation. The design project belongs to Iza Gajewska from Interno and represents the best of European design.

The main living premise interconnected, modern with simple lines and beautiful warm oak wood finishes. The floral design of the walls draws the attention and adds to the charm of the premises. Intriguingly shaped lighting solutions by VIBIA and designers pieces of furniture (with a vintage hint from the 60-ths) complete the picture. The minds, pastel color tones of the design evoke charm and tranquility. The bathroom is modern and functional (like the rest of the premises) and entertains with its color tile wall, gorgeous marble finishing and inviting design. Simple, contemporary and a bit artistic the design possesses charm, organic materials palate and easy going feeling of playful and inviting warmth.

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