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Apartment P by Elia Nedkov

Absolute simplicity with clean emanation and contemporary edge. A contemporary minimalism and love for simplicity are composing an interior of peaceful charm and serene emanation those were the guidelines for the Milan-based Bulgarian architect Elia Nedkov when creating this exquisite piece of delicate style.

The two bedroom apartment, located in a historic district of the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia,  is sustained in restricted and uniform material and color palette: row concrete meets light oak wood, the whiteness of the wall construct is juxtaposed to the soft gray textiles and the simplicity of the architectural language is underlined by the bespoke furniture. This dynamics of the composition allows the spaces to be filled with light and easiness of movement (physical and spiritual). The stylish simplicity opens the interior for exploration and brings calm fulfillment.

The main living premise unites the kitchen, the living room, and the dining zone areas and alternating gray surfaces, white constructs, and wooden touches intriguingly underlines the sufficiency and functionality of decor. The restrained color palate and the minimalistic material composition follows thru in the other spaces – bathroom, master bedroom, and the two teenage boys’ room are all sustained in the same design language. This continuity, despites its absolute minimalism offers a great variety of compositions – wooden base with dove-gray textiles, white solidity with gray finishes, concrete background with warm wood constructs and so on.  All its style, all its elegance, all is custom-made, all its masterpiece.  photo: Sergio Chimenti

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