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Luxury Villa on Lake Snagov

This contemporary architectural project of DOOI Studio in Romania is luckily situated at the verge of vast forests and beautiful shores of Snagov Lake – exceptional and secluded location. The inner premises with their vast (double height) volumes, grand soft furniture elements and wood cladding of the walls carry an eclectic hint of the socialist architecture and design – especially when concerns big residential project located in beautiful natural surroundings. This fusion of contemporary dynamic and settled “Soc- lux” brings interesting and elegant value to the interior.

The abundance of glass, vast windows and mirrors (that invite and multiply the natural light and beautiful views) is supplemented by some beautiful glass and light art – the interior lighting solutions and lamps have the signature of the master glassmakers from the Murano Island and of the renowned Catellean & Smith. Throughout the house, different pieces of contemporary art coexist beautifully with the designer furniture and the rich textures of the premise. The material palette was carefully chosen by the architects and the owner – noble Romano Bianco travertine slabs for the ground, Italian parquet, walls clad in finned rosewood and kitchen clad in Macassar wood. The different tonalities of beige, brown and caramel in the color base palette create warm, comfortable and calm atmosphere.  Photographs: Cosmin Dragomir

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