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Modern Home that Emanates Luxury and Functionality

Filling a contemporary house with natural light and style was the main goal of Nico van der Meulen Architects when the client approached them with the task of renovating their old pitched-roof South African house. So the final result of the project is a modern home that emanates luxury, functionality and artistry set into minimalistic architectural framing. Free interaction between spaces and levels, between in and outdoors, between textures and material, and intriguing play with light during all hours of the day are the key touches for this transformation project. Open plan premises, neutral color palette and oblong decorative elements lied on a rectangular architectural frame create serene, well-balanced and elegant space. A minimalist yet homely entrance hall, spacious double volume living zones, exotic and attractive gardens with an abundance of art, plant and water features complete the architectural layout of this contemporary home.

Long linear objects that visually connect spaces, horizontal beams and louvers correspond nicely with the contemporary furnishing with its neutral colors and soft textures. The order of the objects from the interior decoration in combination with their white-gray tonality allows the space to be filled with elegance and functionality without overloading the décor. Small finishing touches – like the thin violet thread that goes throughout the house color palette or the glass atrium of the living spaces, or the interesting lighting solutions – create intriguing, dynamic and unique ambiance worth noting into modern Johannesburg architectural map.

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