• January - 19

Romantic Old Time Decorated Restaurant by Yellow Office

This Romanian restaurant offers warm, attractive vintage space for interesting meetings with friends, dining, having a drink or visit events. Combining restaurant and event space the architectural project of Yellow Office represents a dynamic fusion of romantic old time decoration and contemporary approach towards the construction. Creating visual connection between the two floors the designers let the beautiful rib – arrangement of the railing on the second floor and the white metal chandelier to become a focal point of the space.

The interior is decided in warm material and color palettes and juxtaposing dark natural wood to white metal, reclaimed bricks to beautiful ceramic tiles or retro bulbs to exposed ceiling tubs and concrete, the designers accomplish dynamic ambiance full with memorable contrasts. With its painted ceramic tiles, wooden cladding and ceiling beams, wrought iron and dark walls the space offers an intriguing ambiance that combines hints of 19th century saloon, implicit oriental presence and even have a slight resembles with pirate ship.

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