• January - 17

Small, Chic and Wrapped in Fresh Whiteness

Small, chic and wrapped in fresh whiteness this Italian urban apartment designed by Archiplan studio is an eclectic mixture of delightful vintage hints, trendy and luxurious materials and cozy, full of light design arrangement. Combining gorgeous wooden surfaces with pure whiteness as a color base and playful elements of the furnishing the designers composed one very fresh, playful and serene at the same time, home atmosphere. Under the pitched roof and its skylight openings the main living premises invite and delight with their pure lines, fresh organic material palate and playful touches.

The dining table is particularly intriguing – a combination between a magnificent wooden surface and vintage- referenced iron base surrounded by delightful chairs arrangement – each with its one charm and character. And on top of all this- a fashionable brass lamp that captures the attention and introduces a modern twist into the composition. The noble marble counter tops supplement the gorgeous wooden cladding and add luxurious sensation to the kitchen zone. The cozy-looking sitting area under the slope of the roof is decided in fresh white litheness and vitalized by living plant elements. Bespoke shelving and clever custom made storage compartments complete the functional and elegant design of this small city apartment.  Photography by Davide Galli

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