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The Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar by Matt Woods

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Matt Woods offers an exhibit of artistic teabag chandelier, installation of balancing Kintsugi bowls and other capturing design solutions arranged in the interior of an Australian tea bar.

Delightfully charming, this organic tea bar located in Sydney has the funny name “The Rabbit Hole” and with its innovative, artistic and cozy interior design offers aesthetically enjoyable experience. The premise composed by the Australian designer Matt Woods combines the industrial past of space now covered by white paint that reflects the natural light during the day, and stripping down the original construct of the timber ceiling and the rustic brick wall.

The eclectic nature of this dynamic mixture is supplemented by delicate and artful elements inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi or contemporary art installations. The entertaining components of the decor influenced by Kintsugi – an art form based on the celebration of imperfections found in ceramic objects: includes monolithic counter from shards of crushed tiles; and an artistic installation representing a series of balancing Kintsugi bowls. Another conceptual feature, which supplements the unlike character of the tea house is the chandelier by Chilean artist Valeria Burgoa that is made entirely of empty tea bags and hangs above the tile-clad serving counter.

The elegance and the unforgettable design of Woods continue with the whiteness of the walls, lattices and ornaments that are underlined by the sparkling presence of brass details and lighting solutions, with the blue ceramics and the refreshing presence of the wooden furniture. The easy going material palette consist of reclaimed oak timber that composes the seating throughout the restaurant, century-old oak floor, dark-colored granite that is used in the dining tables’ tops and experimentation with different types of metal. All together the place is so cheerful, entertaining and artistic that undoubtedly offers an exceptional tea-time experience.

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