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TRN Flat Reconstruction by JRKVC

TRN flat reconstruction is a project by architect P. Jurkovic tried to turn part of the former monastery in a modern apartment of 100 sq m; guiding element is a movable library, which is the entrance to the bedroom.

A former monastery in which this flat is located was built in 1719. In the middle of 20th century, it was converted into an apartment house. The main goal of the project was to transform this space into a clean and functional dwelling for a young couple. We decided to uncover the beauties of old construction methods with a reasonable budget.

After a short design process, it was clear that the focus will be put into the main living hall. It is an open space with a height of 3,6m, restored original trusses on the ceiling and a full height library. Part of the library can rotate and serves as a secret door to the bedroom suite behind, providing a fluid connection between these two parts. Currently, the apartment is inhabited by a childless couple, hence the open plan. In the future, it could be converted into three bedroom apartment with just small interventions. Photography by Peter Jurkovič

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